Dishan Studio

Dishan Studio comes from the now-obsolete Chinese term “di-shan” and is symbolic of bridging the ever-changing times. Dishan Studio strives to communicate with the new generation to achieve its vision of passing on the culture and beauty through sustainable, fun, and approachable designs. Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2020, the brand set up its Taiwan branch in 2021 to provide high-quality design services to its customers.


Afterlife - As Kaohsiung is the starting point for sustainable design and creative imaginations, this exhibition will be curated by Dishan Studio, and designers from home and abroad, including oui design, Double Plus Good, Wuyuzhe Concept, Hands, Christopher Kelsall, Jorge Duran, and Joonas Riisalu are all invited for creative input. While conceptualizing, the designers interacted and brainstormed together, and finally, they interpreted the question for the contemporary issue through two projects that utilized circular materials, "Co-crepair" and "Re:0". Afterlife means a second chance given to objects, where the end of an object or material is not waste, but rather, through upcycling, it is given even more value and is given a chance to be re-used in our day-to-day lives. To this means, designers will play an even more significant role than in the past - on top of promoting the concept of recycling and sustainability to the public through innovation and aesthetics, they are also responsible of reminding individuals to practice recycling and sustainability in their daily lives.

What would it be like if these objects could serve more purposes than the mere exhibit, and could continue to bring more wonderful experiences to the city and folks long after the exhibit has ended?

Afterlife refers to the second existence of an object, the next part of its journey after use, but it is often the most overlooked part of the traditional linear economy. In a circular economy framework, every designer, producer, consumer, and the entire industry should constantly reflect and engage in searching for ways to extend product lifecycle, finding and enhancing the added value of products or ways of repeating their uses. In particular, design, a crucial factor of existence, determines 80% of products and their business models.

Therefore, the decoration of this exhibition itself or the materials of the exhibits will be planned and designed on the premise that they can continue to exist with different faces after the end of the exhibition period.

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