Youth Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government

Building Kaohsiung into a city that is friendly to all youth has always been a vision to the Youth Bureau. We actively implement various policies to build a youth-friendly startup business environment and boost youth employment. We are committed to supporting innovative thinking and actions from the young people, which will drive Kaohsiung’s economy and the prosperity of the city’s culture. In terms of startups, the Bureau is dedicated to creating a “youth-friendly startup business environment”, and in order to improve the unemployment issue in young people in Kaohsiung, the Bureau will strive to help students to explore their career paths and to matchmake internship opportunities to fresh graduates. These efforts will help students to develop diverse career interests, as well as assist them to connect to relevant industries and jobs. It is also the focus of the Bureau's policy to inject juvenile energy into the city and to enable our young people to realize themselves.

Cooperative Partners

偕同策展 | 高雄市政府民政局

合作團隊 | 天使夢工廠博鈞商業攝影、ZONE-MAX 化境數位整合行銷公司


To prepare for Taiwan Design Expo in Kaohsiung, the Kaohsiung City Government has launched a series of "twdesign.tw" events. To apply the concepts and types of design to more than just graphics, the Youth Bureau has also invited young designers to revamp the traditional aesthetics in household registration matters. Jyunc-cih Li, Founder of LADYBUG, and Kaohsiung's very own aspiring artists, including TAKO BOOM, Hi Nihao, X2 Create, Shining Design, and USpace, are invited to re-invent the marriage registration backdrop, marriage certificate, and marriage registration gifts. By spreading the seeds for young designers at 20 Household Registration Offices throughout Kaohsiung and integrating the public's monumental life experiences with design aesthetics, the seeds for design will continue to grow and bloom.

In addition, the first interactive design that combines virtual reality technology, has been introduced to Sinsing District Household Registration Office. An LED-lit VR photo studio has been set up that combines the hottest social media-worthy spots (nightscape at Pier-2's Dagang Bridge, nighttime merry-go-round at KW2, Dragon and Tiger Pagoda at Lianchitan, and the Dome of Light at KMRT Formosa Boulevard Station), with the scenes of Kyoto, Japan, and New York City, USA, to create immersive experiences. By using high-tech VR technology, younger couples or those who can't travel, can also commemorate the occasion by posing for wedding photos in front of an iconic Kaohsiung spot or an international city.