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ALIEN Art Centre

ALIEN Art is established to enrich people’s lives with contemporary art committed to the most thought-provoking issues raised from pioneers (alien) of 20th and 21st Centuries, aiming to be inclusive of diverse cultural fields by programs that could shape the future path. Our job is to partner with like-minds internationally in fostering cross-disciplinary collaborations among artists, bringing the creative force to the elevation of the living quality. ALIEN Art Centre is carried out by ALIEN Art with its core value as a feast of "visual creation", "localities" and "architecture ", aiming to bring the inspiration from art to further crystalise a positive force for future development.


As the Creative Director to JOEFANGSTUDIO, JOE FANG has been involved in projects across album package design, corporate branding, installation art, and ceremony visual coordinator. He excels at the “story-telling” design approach to capture “warmth” and bridge the gap between design and the public. Fang was the curator to “These Flowers” series exhibition and was involved in the curatorial projects such as Creative Expo Taiwan and Taiwan Design Expo.





A Contemporary Art Exhibition Documenting Memories.Follow the path of blooming flowers to the "home" in our impression. Use music and images to piece together the memories. The memory does not come and go. It blooms quietly like flowers, there with ripples, a gesture echoes and taps on the desire to return to our roots.

Tue. - Sun. & Holiday 10am-6pm