• 2022/10/07(FRI.)—2022/10/23(SUN.)
  • MON-THU 11:00—20:00
  • FRI-SUN 11:00—22:00
  • Power of Taiwan Design 11:00-22:00
  • Free Admission
Epidemic Prevention Instructions

This exhibition is in compliance with the government’s epidemic prevention guidelines. Please adhere to the following procedures for admission:

  • Wear a mask at all times.
  • Cooperate with body temperature measurement. Please go home and rest if body temperature exceeds 37.5 °C.
  •  In order to comply with the government’s epidemic prevention guidelines, the exhibition hall will control the flow of people entering the exhibition hall. Please cooperate and wait patiently.
  • This exhibition is in compliance with the government’s epidemic prevention guidelines.
Visitor Notices

To maintain the quality of the exhibition, visitors shall abide by the following regulations. Any violation of the following will result in dismissal from the exhibition.

  • Illicit and dangerous items, liquids, and bottles, and cans are strictly prohibited inside the exhibition halls.
  • Visitors should keep their voices low and not talk or cackle loudly or have any other behaviors which might cause a nuisance to the other visitors.
  • Visitors should not run, play, eat and drink, smoke, lie on seats, sit on the floor, take off their shoes, and littering.
  • Oversized items, and toys are prohibited inside the exhibition halls.
  • In accordance with relevant rules, pets that are brought to the exhibition area should be put in pet carriers, bags, or cages. The pets may include general, small-sized pets such as cats, dogs, or rabbits and etc., but may not include birds or reptiles, which may produce odors or frighten the others. Visitors bringing pets should refrain from causing sanitation problems or interrupting other visitors. *Professional working dogs such as guide dogs are not subject to the aforesaid rule.


Public Transportation Options


From Exit 1 of KMRT Yanchengpu Station (O2), walk southbound along Dayong Road for approximately 5 minutes to the Pier 2 Art Center. From there, walk along Poyu Road for 3 minutes to Dagang Bridge. You will arrive at the Design Zone after crossing the bridge. 

Kaohsiung Light Rail Transit

Walk for approximately 1 minute from Light Rail Transit Dayi Pier-2 Station, and you will arrive at the Design Zone after crossing the Dagang Bridge. 


Ride the Green 1 North bus from Kaohsiung Railway Station, Sanduo Shopping District Station, or Yanchengpu Station to KW2 Station, and walk eastward along Penglai Road to arrive at the Design Zone. 

By Car

no 交通工具 營業時間 路線 費用
1 電動巴士 週一至週四
設計中島展區接駁(棧五庫-棧七庫前-棧八庫)單程約5~10分鐘 免費搭乘
2 自駕車 每日
HOLO PARK至高港水花園站AB兩點往返,單趟長度約350公尺 免費搭乘
3 高港小火車 週一至週五12:00-20:00
搭乘地點:棧貮庫、大港橋 全票50元,3歲(含)

Parking Information

Because of the limited parking space,
please use public transportation options first!

Penglai Road Parking Lot (next to No. 10, Penglai Road) 

Gongyuan Road Parking Lot (at the intersection of Dayi Street and Gongyuan Road) 

Dayong Road Pier 2 Parking Lot (at the end of Dayong Road)


For more info, please visit twdesign.tw.