Dream River—Bobby Chen, Chih-wei Huang, Loïc Hsiao

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, B1 KSpace


Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, three middle-aged old friends—a well-known singer-songwriter who wants to realize his dream of being a painter, a contemporary artist who is shaping his career filled with slashes, and a manga master who created the "Finger Sword School"—got a chance to get together talking about their childish dreams and to gather their paintings with adult innocence in an art exhibition entitled “Dream River.”


Being X:Hsin-chien Huang's Metaverse Theater

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts Gallery101-103


"Being X - Hsin-Chien Huang's Metaverse Theater" is Hsin-Chien Huang's first large-scale retrospective exhibition in Taiwan. It includes his well-praised VR works in recent years, and integrate new media such as interaction, performance, program computing, and video installations. Audience will embark on a journey of discovery of identity and memory, into a deeper journey of consciousness beyond sensory experience.


minä perhonen / minagawa akira Tsuzuku

Room 104-105 of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts


minä perhonen is a brand founded by Japanese designer Akira Minagawa (1967-). The initial vision of the brand was that would continue at least for 100 years. The title of the exhibition, Tsuzuku (Japanese: つづく), has the meaning of continuing. The exhibits will expand from textiles, clothes, and fashion to original design drawings and illustrations to shed light on what underlines these creations. Accordingly, this is going to be a great opportunity for Taiwanese audiences to experience and be introduced to the creativity and philosophy of minä perhonen and Akira Minagawa.


2022 Kaohsiung Film Festival XR Dreamland

The Pier-2 Art Center Dayong P3 Warehouse


2022 Kaohsiung Film Festival XR Dreamland includes more than 30 immersive experiences in this edition from VR competition, XR Panorama to Kaohsiung VR Originals.


Takao Honyakusya

Pier-2 Tower


That people debate the proposition on “what Kaohsiung is" is actually something to be translated. Consequently, we invited three Japanese designers from various fields to stay in Kaohsiung for a time not too short but long enough, asking them to “translate Kaohsiung” from their own perspectives, and find out the keywords of Kaohsiung from the viewpoints as Japanese designers, so that folks can step into Kaohsiung’s worldview formed on the basis of Taiwan-Japan design exchanges. Welcome to visit the “Kaohsiung Translation Service,” a site that translates Kaohsiung’s languages, viewpoints, and spaces. ※Reservation


PAIR x DESIGN is the brand-new program launched by Pier-2 Artist-in-Residence Program (PAIR) together with 2022 Taiwan Design Expo. Outstanding international designers from different domains are invited to reside at Pier-2 Dayi warehouses’ area where a series of events and exhibition will be held.



The Pier-2 Art Center Dayi C8-1 Warehouse


Afterlife - With Kaohsiung as the starting point of sustainable design and imagination, eight designers from home and abroad are invited to participate in the creation of Co-crepair series and RE:0 series. These two projects on circular materials will pose questions to contemporary issues, and illustrate that the answer to the end of waste does not have to be abandonment. Instead, the life of waste materials could be extended and they can return to our daily lives with higher value.

Kaohsiung rooted emerging young designers are invited to renovate 20 marriage registration backdrops of the Household Registration Offices in Kaohsiung. Get to experience the first ever LED VR virtual photo studio, in Sinsing Household Registration Offices.



The Pier-2 Art Center Dayi C6-7, C6-9 Warehouse


Could it be possible that K38 Go Hi Mart, a limited-time convenience store leading the trend of agriculture, allow ""trend"", ""future"" and ""fun"" to become agricultural labels? In the K38 Go Hi Mart, folks with the mood of stepping into a convenience store may easily browse and purchase K38 agricultural products just like they routinely do with snacks and beverages in convenience stores of their daily lives. They can also take agricultural knowledge home easily from the shelves here, and surprisingly know that the distance of agricultural products from producing areas to dining tables is as close as that to a nearby convenience store. In the K38 Go Hi Mart, every agricultural product is something unexpectedly cool.


2022 Kaohsiung Reading Festival

Kaohsiung Main Public Library, Bleu&Book


Reading, in the Infinite Imagination of the City--2022 Kaohsiung Reading Festival “ adopts “Library on the left, Bookstore on the Right” as the theme of the year, creating a romantic encounter between the two charming reading spaces in the city. The beautiful moments of encountering a book, a person, or a city will soon arrive at the launch of the "2022 Kaohsiung Reading Festival".


Echoes of All The Flowers

ALIEN Art Centre


A Contemporary Art Exhibition Documenting Memories.Follow the path of blooming flowers to the "home" in our impression. Use music and images to piece together the memories. The memory does not come and go. It blooms quietly like flowers, there with ripples, a gesture echoes and taps on the desire to return to our roots.



38 Districts


With Kaohsiung as the host of both the 2022 Creative Expo Taiwan and Taiwan Design Expo, six historical sites has been redesigned and reopened to the public since August. Over the next three months, visitors can also participate in exclusive tours and explore hidden gems and heritage cultural sites throughout Kaohsiung. The 32 DESIGN TOURS to be launched will include nearly a hundred of exclusive travel itineraries and routes, allowing the public to experience firsthand the culture and heritage of Kaohsiung during this grand cultural festival. Come and learn about Kaohsiung’s history and explore relics and hidden trails!


Stamps Collection

38 Districts


The physical and virtual stamp collections are done simultaneously. Commemorative stamps can be collected at 100 locations in Kaohsiung's 38 administrative districts. Once you have collected 15 virtual stamps, you can exchange them for one Kaohsiung scenery NFT!


2022 Cheers Pier-2 Party

The Pier-2 Art Center Dayi Area & Dayi Park


We all gather here this autumn to celebrate the passionate and welcoming Kaohsiung. On this intoxicating evening, let us enjoy the original arts and crafts, plants, dining and beverages, and craft beer brands at the Pier-2! Let us chill throughout October - and the real question will be, can you make a choice among the wide variety of unique visual brands, diverse and popular foods and snacks, and craft beer? From afternoon to evening, let us feast on the gastronomical delights by the riverside. (Friendly reminder: Overdrinking may be hazardous to your health, but just the right amount of tipsy will surely lead to a good time.) #DrinkYourTroublesAway Drink at your own pace, but shop away!


YumYum Market Festival

Yancheng First Public Retail Market Yencheng Jyuejiang Shopping Area Yancheng Green Gallery Yancheng Citizen Square


With its mountains, seas, and rivers, Yancheng District has a rich historical heritage. During the Japanese Occupation Period, the district became the earliest developed economic and trade center in Kaohsiung. Its uniqueness stems from the ancient buildings, special historical background, and geographic environment. In collaboration with Yancheng First Public Retail Market’s software and hardware upgrades, YumYum Festival will demonstrate the charm of the old city district through its history, culture, geographic environment, and economic development.


2022 Takao Rock Festival

Kaohsiung Music Center


Soar among Five Planet-Themed Stages Enjoy Brilliant Performances from Top Music Stars A Meteor Shower of Exciting Events - The Portal to the Music Universe is Now Open Welcome to This Stellar Journey!