The Pier-2 Art Center

The Pier2 Art Center is an artistic center that lies across the Yancheng District and Gushan District in Kaohsiung. Its goal is to build a “pioneering, experimental, and innovative” international artistic platform.


日青創藝自2013年從經營選物商店開始,逐漸以藝術中介與傳遞的角色為核心,連結藝術家與創作者,策辦藝文展覽、規劃藝文活動,執行文字及設計整合等工作。擅長在一地方、空間、或與藝術創作者,藉著梳理脈絡找尋以藝文形式與之交往、創發的可能。公司現進駐於高雄三餘書店內。 日青創藝工作範圍包含「日青策展」、「日青專研」、「日青好物」、「日青手作」等不同面向與觀眾進行創意產業、藝文鏈結與溝通的內容。並接受客戶委託,合作策展、設計、藝文活動、與品牌構成相關之文字企劃等工作。 因關注高雄鳳山文化,2014-16曾擔任「鳳山多寶粥」文創聚落主持單位,進行地方文化田野調查、老店工藝拜訪、地方導覽、在地創意單位串連、在地藝文工作者培力行銷、藝文活動推廣等。

Street Life

時地設計工作室創立於2017年,關注歷史人文、地方智慧、庶民美學,以及傳統技藝。 實地踏查於高雄區域,關心土地的每秒變化,捉住時光消逝的重要記憶與技藝,走進街區裡發掘地方美學。 時地設計除了關注地方事務,也從各類的企劃、書寫、導覽及視覺設計導入, ​透過更多元的面向來傳達對於地方智慧和傳統技藝的重要。


Constructed in 1928, the Sizihwan Bay Tunnel was originally one of the planned facilities for the construction of Shoushan Park to provide an easy access to the Sizihwan Bay, which in turn led to the development of the tourism and leisure industry in the Hamasen community.

Toward the end of WWII, a small part of antiaircraft dugout was dug next to the tunnel to serve as a wartime ammunition depot, command post, shelter, and so on. After WWII, the Nationalist government completed the dugout expansion project in 1974 under the state of alert of the confrontation between KMT and CCP, which is the air defense facility currently retained.

For more than half a century now, in response to the contemporary international situation concerning CCP’s incessant military exercises against Taiwan, how to make the public face up to the global defense relationship and learn national defense and security is a matter of great urgency. Thus, by introducing visitors to the design and the immersive experience, visitors are allowed to further understand how to face the Taiwan Strait situation.

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