The Pier-2 Art Center

The Pier2 Art Center is an artistic center that lies across the Yancheng District and Gushan District in Kaohsiung. Its goal is to build a “pioneering, experimental, and innovative” international artistic platform.

Atelier Let's

Kaohsiung, Taiwan is our base, we are forming new ideas through historical and environmental studies. Let’s discover the emotion between people and the land, Let’s create a friendly connection between people, Let’s make our place a little nicer. Through the concept of sharing and the practice of life and architecture, Let us create a better life.


Atelier Let's | 辜達齊

Atelier Let's | 邱承漢


Fetching adobe to mold it into unfinished bricks, firing the kiln to slowly burn the unfinished bricks loaded in, building constructions by laying the finished bricks ⋯⋯ , all of these are telling how the bricks of Kaohsiung became the walls of Taiwan. For more than a hundred years, the Former Tangrong Brick Kiln used to slowly bring forth the golden ages for the brick and tile industry through the sweat of its employees. The brick kiln factory restoration project commenced in 2022, and we aspire to understand the industry milestones of Zhongdu village in this site of past glory, and rediscover the arts and culture hidden beneath the bricks. We will illustrate our the brilliance behind our ancestors’ brick-making and house-building techniques via images and text, and relive the kiln stories via sensual designs. By piquing the audiences’ senses using architectural aesthetics, we will glorify the long-forgotten history of Takao via this earthen poem dedicated to brick-making.

 Mon. - Sun. 10:00-18:00