Shih, Che

Deputy Mayor of Kaohsiung - He currently serves as Deputy Mayor of Kaohsiung and was formerly the Head of Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government; Head of the Information Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government; Convener of Cultural Tourism Division in Kaohsiung Organizing Committee; Chairperson of Kaohsiung Music Center; Chairperson of Public Agency of Kaohsiung Cultural Institutes; Chairperson of Kaohsiung Philharmonic Cultural & Arts Foundation; President of Bureau of Labor Insurance, Ministry of Labor.

Chi-Yi Chang

President of Taiwan Design Research Institute - He currently serves as President of Taiwan Design Research Institute, Director of World Design Organization, Professor of NYCU Graduate Institute of Architecture, and Vice Chairperson of Xue Xue Foundation. Formerly, he was Deputy Mayor of Taitung County and concurrently Head of Taitung County Cultural Affairs Department, CEO of Taitung Design Center, President for General Affairs of NYCU, and Chairperson of NYCU Graduate Institute of Architecture.

Aaron Yin

University professor, designer, and curator - Formerly, he served as Head of Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government (2016-18), Chairperson of Kaohsiung Public Library, and Chairperson of Kaohsiung Philharmonic Cultural & Arts Foundation (KSO & KCO). Other titles include Director of Public Agency of Kaohsiung Cultural Institutes (Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung Museum of History, and Kaohsiung Film Archive), Director of Kaohsiung Music Center, and Director of Kaohsiung Cultural Foundation, etc. Currently he teaches at Shu-Te University.

Han Wu

He is a long-term promoter of a design revolution in Taiwan, and has coordinated international art fairs and exhibitions in the past. He was Chief Coordinator of 2022 Matsu Biennial, one of the authors of The Power of Design, and the recipient of 2020 Good Design Award Best 100 and 2019 Design for Asia Awards (DFA).



One-Forty is a nonprofit organization committed to the welfare of migrant workers from Southeast Asia. Founded in 2015, One-Forty is dedicated to empowering Southeast Asian migrant workers by enhancing their competencies via education and learning, so that they could achieve economic independence upon returning to their home countries. With education, they are empowered to break free from the vicious cycle of poverty and create better lives for themselves and their families. Regularly organizing cultural exchange activities, One-Forty also creates opportunities for Taiwanese residents and Southeast Asian migrant workers to get to know each other better so as to foster mutual-respect and empathy. At the same time, the NGO helps the Taiwanese public learn about Southeast Asian cultures and broaden their world views through brand design and interviews, thereby building a friendlier society in Taiwan.

studio HOU x LIN

Studio HOU x LIN is a fairly young agency founded on design. Integrating theoretical learning with hands-on practice, the agency believes in the potential of architecture to engage with the society. From interior design to urban planning, the agency aspires to unearth regional potentials. Projects from Studio HOU x LIN range from different scopes and fields, including art installations, architectural design and urban planning. Currently based on the Pier-2 Base, the agency actively seeks for opportunities to improve living and cultural environments through architecture. On top of that, members of the agency strive to teach, research, write, and curate exhibitions so as to reaffirm its own cultural coordinates. By sparking shared responses and consensus via its own professionalism, the agency continues to search for the power to lead the city forward.

Aestheticell Association

Aestheticell has been promoting the "Aestheticell Textbook Project"since 2013. Partnering with renowned designers and teams, Aestheticell strives to blend a sense of aesthetics into the design of textbooks and, in doing so, enhance young students' sensitivity and creativity. By guiding young students through with designs and enhancing the quality of their learning, the team aims to motivate students and influence the aesthetic sensibility of the next generation. To design textbooks and curriculums with enhanced aesthetics and to conduct research on universal design, Aestheticell also collaborates with K-12 Education Administration (Ministry of Education), Taiwan Design Research Institute, National Tsing Hua University, and University of Taipei. The team hopes to promote the "education design industry"in Taiwan. By engaging professionals of diverse fields with education, Aestheticell hopes to make design of utmost support for education.


Founded in 2012 by CMP Pujen Foundation for Arts and Culture and based on an idle elementary school grounds at Calligraphy Greenway in Taichung, the CMP Block Museum of Arts is Taiwan's first organic street-based museum. Breaking from the traditional concept of a museum, CMP Block Museum of Arts seeks to connect its surrounding buildings, landscape, and the people with creativity and aesthetics so that their interactions with one another have a sense of beauty that is both static and dynamic. This sense of beauty becomes a lifestyle and makes aesthetics more accessible to people's daily lives. Founded in 2012, Double-Grass International Co. began as an online journal which reported on local and overseas stories that were both scientific and artistic. Upholding its mission to "provide inspirations and inspire originality,"Double-Grass has been highly involved in art exhibitions and inspirational activities in recent years, so as to delve into stories while connecting experts from a variety of fields. Double-Grass specializes in the curation of arts and design exhibitions, event promotions, and the integration of spatial resources. CMP Block Museum of Arts(http://cmpblockmuseum.tw/) x DOUBLE-GRASS INTERNATIONAL CO.(http://double-grass.com/)

Workshop Aaron Nieh Workshop

Recipient of the Red Dot Design Award, Communication Design Award from iF Design Award, and Best Design Award from Golden Pin Design Award. A key player in the fields of brand visual identity, arts and cultural projects, music records, publications, and public issues and more. The team excels in conveying contemporary messages and pop culture in diverse signs and symbols. By making in-depth interpretations and providing guidance from the beginning of the creative process, the team opens up an alternative perspective in viewing and understanding graphic designs. Some of the works in its diverse portfolio range from designing for brands, labels, records, culture, and theatre. Their clients include the 50th Golden Horse Awards, 7-Eleven City Cafe, Not Just Library, credit cards of CTBC Bank, Kuo Yuan Ye's 150th and 155th anniversary gift baskets, Pavilion of Taiwan at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2021, UNIQLO Tomor-row Taipei, Taiwan Design Research Institute, Taipei Performing Arts Center, Young Designers' Exhibit (Yodex), and brand identity for the Control Yuan and Ministry of Digital Affairs.

Plain Design X Midroom

Curated by Che-Yu Hsu and Chung-Yuan Kuo in collaboration with Plain Design and Midroom, the team reinterprets everyday objects with skilled design finesse and aesthetics to create sparks in life. By introducing visible designs, the team facilitates brands from public sectors, traditional industries, city government buildings, local culture and tourism sector to utilize relevant inter-disciplinary and industry impact, thereby revamping their brand identities in a manner that is highly visible and refreshing to the public.

Seed Design

A lover of the written words who enjoys writing, painting, and anything handmade. Founded on storytelling and concerned about nature, the brand visualizes encyclopedic knowledge and extract the essence from lore and traditions. With intuition, it actively focuses on and searches for the correlations among the land, history, and culture. Curious and passionate toward our land, the brand proposes new interpretations and approaches, and hopes to collaborate with the whole world to spread the love and kindness behind every story.


Having transformed a 60-year-old hospital into a creative studio focused on design development after the 9/21 Earthquake, the team inherits the care and passion from the old hospital and collaborates with local groups to discover the stories and objects that are near and dear to everyone. With a humble yet adventurous approach, the team aspires to seek new ideas for Taiwanese designs. In the past, the team initiated various projects including "Designers in Countryside,""Hands are Smarter Than Brains Project,""Provincial Highway 193 Project,""Black Village"Project and more. Currently the team is promoting the "Manufacture Material Share Space (MMSS)"project. The exhibitions that the team participated in and planned include the "Chiayi Hall - Modern Times and the City"exhibition in the 2022 Creative Expo Taiwan, "Body Making"exhibition, and "Tea 3.1415" exhibition in 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan, and also the Yii Project.


2016年於台中成立個人工作室「然點設計工作室」從事設計工作十餘年,喜歡有脈絡的設計並以創意印刷的方式來呈現作品。過去曾為台灣獨立樂團「適者生存」的吉他手,並親自設計樂團專輯裝禎,之後陸續為其他音樂人的作品設計實體專輯的包裝。讓設計為音樂做旁白,用設計讓大家認識台灣。設計作品曾入圍2016年金曲獎最佳裝幀設計,更於2019年及2020年連續兩年以《深海童話》及浮現浩世樂團《時代》唱片包裝,獲得全美獨立音樂獎-最佳包裝設計獎(Independent Music Awards-Album Packaging)。2022年與設計師-于薇為《董事長樂團X第二代馬蘭吟唱隊》的音樂專輯-八歌浪 Pakelang 設計唱片包裝,獲得第64屆葛萊美獎的最佳唱片包裝獎(Grammy Music Awards Best Recoding Package),也是台灣首座葛萊美獎。

JUST IN XX Justin,Yu-Ying Chou

Founded in 2014 by Justin Chou, Just In XX is an integrated marketing company that focuses on fashion. For years, it has been actively engaged in fashion design, product design, graphic design, creative inter-disciplinary collaborations, fashion curation, and execution of sustainable CSR projects. The team excels in producing creative products with in-depth background stories by means of local, artisan, and sustainable materials. It owns "Just in XX,"the first Taiwanese brand to walk the New York Fashion Week, and "Luxxury Godbage,"a sustainable fashion brand. Some of its iconic works include the outfits that the Taiwanese national team wore during the opening ceremony of 2021 Tokyo Olympics, the staff uniforms of Taipei Performing Arts Center, the Forward-thinking Project "SuperlinXX"of the National Palace Museum, "The Grand NMH Hotel"project at the National Museum of History, and creative planning and executions of CSR projects for international brands including Nike, Levi's, and Uniqlo.

YI.ng Lighting Design

By using light as a medium, the aesthetics of the space are revealed while the experience of the lighting environment is heightened, thus creating a personalized lighting ambience. To create an unparalleled immersive experience, YI.ng Lighting Design has a unique and professional approach to blending light with architecture. The company provides overall lighting solutions and lighting designs for the exterior, interior, and landscape environments. With professional lighting designs, the company hopes to bring out the unique spatial qualities and vibes in different buildings, interior space and landscape. The goal of YI.ng Lighting Design is to design and build quality lighting environments to enrich the architecture, environment, and the lighting culture. Lighting will help us find more beauty in life.

Motif Planning & Design - Shu Yuan Wu

Motif Planning & Design Consultants is a professional landscape design consultancy. Founded on the concept of landscape urbanism, the company revolutionizes the executions for the traditional urban design. In an attempt to find the opportunities and possibilities of future landscape developments, the consultancy delves into the future texture of the city, urban landscape, and the evolution of the components.

Little Flower Plan Joe Fang X Daydream no.33 exhibition

Launched by designer Joe Fang in 2015 and joined by likeminded talents from various disciplines with a shared purpose, Little Flower Plan encourages the public to ponder over "the things they would hate to lose"through diverse artistic creations from photography to music. Every piece of work is a sharing that is selfless and tender. As time passes, we gradually share more and more, with even wider audiences. The "Daydream No.33"exhibition was founded by recent graduates of Shu-Te University. Based on the regularly-held charity exhibition for social welfare institutions, the team partnered with two welfare institutions in Kaohsiung, and encouraged adults with autism spectrum disorder and elders with dementia to create art works. After providing freeform and diverse lessons and documenting such lessons, the creators' delightful and refreshing emotions were then projected on an augmented reality (AR) enhanced dynamic art exhibitions. Little Flower Plan Joe Fang(https://www.facebook.com/doorsandmemories) x Daydream no.33 exhibition(https://www.instagram.com/the.masse5/)

J.C. Architecture Johnny Chiu

J.C.Architecture is formed by partners with wild imaginations and passions from around the world. Holding true to the philosophy of studio think tank, J.C. Architecture values experimental ideas and incorporates creative elements into residential housing, commercial space, public construction, and hotels. The firm even worked on railway trains, ferries, furniture, and exhibition space. Their designs include "The Future"train, Not Just Library, Young Designers' Exhibit (Yodex) and many more.


I Am Brand Design Co., Ltd. is dedicated to building successful Asian brands. After promoting corporate brand design in Taiwan for more than 30 years, I Am Brand Design assists its customers and their respective industries to realize their brand values with a keen and professional market sense and an enthusiasm for creative energy. For many years, I Am Brand Design has helped countless enterprises in Taiwan and Asia take their first step toward realizing brand value. Founded in 2007, More Fun Cultural & Creative CO.,LTD creates fonts enriched by Taiwanese history and stories. By enabling the fonts to be turned over on a 90° angle, the fonts radiate a new possibility for Taiwan as well as a chance to view the world with a fresh perspective.


As a pioneer in the study of circular and sustainable technological solutions, Miniwiz has always been committed to taking up the challenges brought forth by climate change and environmental pollutions. After taking thousands of projects on the transformation of recycled waste into highly functional and durable construction materials, Miniwiz has gradually become the undisputed leader in the global waste cycling industry. Miniwiz adopts three core technologies to achieve its goal of scaling the circular economy market: (a) LCA carbon footprint analysis program; (b) modular recycled material building system, and (c) decentralized, upgraded machines. Miniwiz's R&D team has nearly 20 years of experience in executing sustainable projects. The total coverage using the company's recycled materials has reached 300,000 square meters, thereby saving more than 24,000 tons in carbon emissions and effectively helping strategic partners to achieve their corporate ESG goals stage by stage.

Eric, Pingliang Chen(Ahbin)

Graphic Designer / Curator / Collector / Storyteller Nicknamed "Ahbin,"Eric Chen thoroughly explores his hobbies and interests whenever possible, and is very enthusiastic about brand design and cultural storytelling. He excels in creating humanistic and humorous expressions that are based on strategic thinking, and loves creative brainstorming with a multicultural background. He currently serves as the President of Chinese Institute of Design, Brand Director of Gamania, and CEO of Gamania Cheer Up Foundation. He is also the host of the "Ahbin at GAMA"YouTube channel.

Page Tsou

Page Tsou is an illustrator, visual artist, and a curator. As the Art Director of Studio Auspicious, Tsou believes in the possibilities brought by the interactions among different disciplines and fields. At work, he is often involved with graphic and spatial designs. Tsou holds an MA in Visual Communication in Art and Design from Royal College of Art and has been nominated by Italy's Bologna Illustrators Exhibition for five times. He is also the first Asian winner of International Award of Illustration BCBF- Fundación SM and 3x3 International Illustration Show No.18.

SimpleInfo Design

SimpleInfo Design is an information design company that is committed to "every single detail throughout the information delivery process.” Its members hail from literature, design, medicine, economy, urban planning, programming, sociology, and linguistics. Striving to revolutionize the traditional framework which cultivates talents with single, limited expertise, SimpleInfo Design builds a quality environment which encourages inter-disciplinary collaborations. Dedicated to the long-term goal of information design, SimpleInfo Design focuses on inter-disciplinary research and collaborations. With intense communications and cooperation with talents from diverse fields, SimpleInfo Design digests difficult social issues into new types of knowledge content that is understandable, accessible, and welcomes engagement.


No2Good is the first international anime and manga artist throughout the Chinese-speaking world. He specializes in creating figures and graphic designs. Not only is No2Good an aspiring artist in Asia, but he is also the Brand Director of STAYREAL and has been voted as an icon of enormous influence by Taiwanese designers. He was invited to participate in the Venice Biennale - the Oscars in the art world. His works were exhibited at renowned art museums throughout the world, including Wereldmuseum Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Power Station of Art in Shanghai, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University.


Bito is a pioneering Asian content design and creativity company that is engaged in motion design, brand visual image, visual coordination for large-scale exhibition, performance, and awards ceremonies, and immersive experiential designs integrated with spatial and environmental settings. Bito's works range from graphic, visual, art, and technology designs. The founder, Keng-Ming Liu, sees "design feeling"as Bito's core vision. Combining motion branding system with the Bito team's pioneering and strategic thinking, he aspires to discover the essence that is exclusive to Taiwan through full-spectrum creativity. In reinventing brands and formulating brand stories, Bito presents unique all-sensory experiences for the audiences.




The "twdesign.tw" event invited 22 highly influential and popular art and design teams to come together and convey the changes in the Taiwanese design landscape. The venue's main stage is the Design Zone, based on the concept of an island. The expo's imagery plays with the ideas associated with Penglai Commercial Port, which was once a center of economic activity in Kaohsiung; here, 22 containers hold the designs from the 22 teams. The containers are arranged in a majestic circle to represent a burst of infinite design energy, and will make Design Zone an exhibition that draws the tremendous discussion and acclaim.